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Mini Desktop Multi functional Electric Sewing Machine

Household Double Stitches Sewing Tools

Mini Desktop Sewing Machine is the excellent hand sewing machine works even in arts and crafts projects. Dispose of large old machine and do stitches quickly and exquisitely. Weight Light, portable and convenient. Features available 2 stitching. It comes with thread loop for your great convenience. Ideal for home owners, offices, students and craftspeople.

Design: The 4 in 1 Mini Sewing machine is lightweight and portable so you can move it from room to room with ease. It has a foot-pedal that needs to be used in accordance with the manual. Features: This durable sewing machine has a two-speed option. It can also run on 4 AA sized batteries, besides being able to work on an adapter. This multifunction sewing machine arrives ready to be used, pre-threaded.

The sleek design of this 4 in 1 Mini Sewing machine makes it easy to store and use. It doesn’t take up much room and works efficiently to get all your home projects done, whether it is to sew that set of curtains for the living room, or to add some interesting detail to your outfits, the 4 in 1 Mini Sewing machine is sure to be your companion for years to come. Get this long-lasting machine today!

Other Features: Perfectly designed to be your perfect sewing partner, the 4 in 1 Mini Sewing machine is sleek, small and comes at a great price. With great functions including a two speed, pre-threaded and battery option, this reliable sewing machine is just what your sewing room has been missing!


  • Small and Portable – Runs on Either AC/DCPower or 4 AA Batteries (Not Included).Work Light – Concentrates Light Right Where You Need It. Colours as per Availability.
  • Choice Of Foot Pedal Or Auto-Sewing Mode – If It’s Not Convenient to Use The Foot Pedal, You Can Set The Sewing Speed To Either H For High Or L For Low
  • Adjustable Straight Stitch and Reverse Sewing – Practical Mini Machine for Mending, Hemming and Basic Sewing. Sews in a Durable Chain Locking Stitch
  • Work Light – Concentrates Light Right Where You Need It.
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